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Shire Oak Partnership

Castlefort JMI is proud to be a ‘partnership school’ with Shire Oak Academy. This allows our Year 5 and 6 pupils to access and indeed benefit from a range of fantastic and exciting learning opportunities linked to Science and Mathematics.

Below is a list of the some of the events our pupils will enjoy this year through the partnership arrangement…



Year 5 Maths Challenge February 26th 2018
Ambassador Days Y6 March 1st - 2nd 2018

Shopping List Visits

March 5th – 6th 2018

British Science Week March 12th - 16th 2018

Dr Lea Science Show Y6

March 15th - 16th 2018

Partnership Showcase Evening Y5

March 21st 2018

KS2 Sports Evening Y5-6 July 2nd 2018

Induction Day

July 3rd 2018

Primary STEM Day Y5 July 5th 2018
Induction Evening Y6 July 9th 2018
KS2/3 Awards Evening Y6 July 11th 2018
Praise Trip Y6 July 12th 2018


In addition to the above events, four of our pupils (who have worked hard in school this year) will take part in Shire Oak’s annual ‘praise trip’.