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It is very important that children attend school each day unless they are ill.

Walsall Children’s Services set annual attendance targets for our school to achieve. We work closely with our Family Support Worker and an Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) to monitor the punctuality and attendance of all pupils in our school.


When your child is going to be absent, please telephone the school office or pop in to school to explain the reason for this. We do operate a ‘first day calling’ policy which involves contacting all parents whose children are absent without explanation to ensure that all pupils are safe.


Our attendance policy, as agreed by the Governing Body, no longer allows the school to grant permission for family holidays during term time and we no longer offer a ‘holiday form’. This follows recent Government legislation on term time leave. If you do require term time leave for ‘exceptional circumstances’, you will need to make an appointment to see Mrs Wilson and put your request in writing (letter) which can be shared with our Chair of Governors if necessary.