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Charging and Remissions

It is the aim of the school that all educational visits offered to our children should enhance their knowledge, skills or understanding of the curriculum.


Parents/carers will be notified in advance of the details of any educational visit and asked for a voluntary contribution to cover the cost of the visit. We do not aim to make a profit on any visit.


No child will be refused permission to participate in a visit during the school day if their parents do not contribute towards the cost. However unless everyone sends in a voluntary contribution, then a visit may have to be cancelled as we may not be able to cover the cost. We will do all we can to keep visit costs down to a minimum and always try to refund the cost of a trip if a child is absent on the day. If any parent/carer is experiencing financial difficulties regarding providing a voluntary contribution, then please see the Headteacher.


We are fully committed to the well -being of all our pupils and always endeavour to make a school a safe and healthy place to be.