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Helpful Parent Information

Class teachers are responsible for the normal day-to-day welfare of the children in their classes.  Parents/carers should therefore contact the class teacher in the first instance with any questions or concerns they may have.  Should parents/carers wish further clarification, they are very welcome to contact the Headteacher (Mrs Wilson) or Deputy Headteachers (Mrs Locke and Mr Hawkins).


We hold termly consultation times with parents/carers but if you feel you need to contact school in the meantime, please do not hesitate to do so.  At the end of the school year each child receives a written report detailing their progress throughout the year.


Each Friday we hold a celebration assembly which aims to recognise the achievements of pupils both in and out of school. ‘In-school’ achievement awards include: ‘Star of the Week’  in recognition of academic progress; ‘Budding Author’ award for showing fantastic writing; ‘Kind and Thoughtful’ awards for showing acts of kindness and being thoughtful to others; ‘Attendance Award’ for the class with the highest attendance figure that week and ‘Spick and Span’ award for the smartest class! Parents are invited to join us for this assembly.


Here at Castlefort, we like to recognise and reward children who consistently demonstrate positive attitudes to learning in school. Children in EYFS aim to become ‘Little Learners’, in KS1, ‘Learning Champions’ and in KS2, ‘Learning Ambassadors’.


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