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Weekly Awards

Welcome to our ‘Awards’ page!


Each Friday we hold a ‘celebration assembly’ which aims to recognise the achievements of pupils both in and out of school. ‘In-school’ achievement awards include:


  • ‘Star of the Week’ celebrates academic achievement
  • ‘Budding Author’ recognises effort in writing from mark-making in early years to extended writing in KS2
  • ‘Reader of the Week’ celebrates children in school who read regularly at home. The winners from each class receive a 'Paddington Bear' suitcase which they can take home. The suitcase contains an appropriate to read, enjoy and share with parents/ carers. There is also a puppet, snack and hot chocolate for the child to enjoy!
  • ‘Kind and Thoughtful’ rewards acts of kindness in EYFS; children are then selected to receive ‘kind and thoughtful’ bears for the week.
  • UNICEF 'rights respecter' certificates are awarded fortnightly by class teachers from years 1-6. These recognise pupils who demonstrate the UNICEF human rights values.
  • ‘Attendance Award’ for the class with the highest attendance figure that week (extra play for the class that day!)
  • ‘Spick and Span’ award for the class having the smartest uniform and tidiest classroom (again, 10 minutes extra play for the chosen class that day!)
  • ‘Happy Lunchtime’ awards are for pupils chosen by our lunchtime supervisors as a result of their good behaviour, manners and positive play.

Parents are invited to join us for celebration assembly.