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Music is a strength of our school. The Charanga curriculum is taught by Mrs Fletcher who has several years of experience teaching and conducting music and music theory to children ages 3-18. 




Our pupils enjoy singing and we actively encourage participation in events such as the Forest Arts Singing Festival and our newest, exciting event “Young Voices” at the LG Arena in Birmingham.



Based on the ‘New 2014 Primary Curriculum’, children are immersed in a holistic approach to music teaching, combining these key skills: listening, evaluating and composing. Children are taught from Year 1 how ‘notes’ appear on a page and how music is made up, extending skills by the end of Year 6 to formal composition writing and evaluating. Singing also features heavily in the curriculum as it is one of the most exciting ways to learn about the different ways that music can be performed and written.



Our long term overview for music can be found here:

Our Music Policy can be found here: