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Miss Rebecca Duckers 

Reception Teacher 


Hi, My name is Miss Duckers and I am the Reception teacher! I love working in the foundation stage and have a great time in the Reception classroom. If you ever have a query or question feel free to pop in- my door is always open.


In the EYFS we love being creative, a little bit messy and a little bit noisy, but don't worry- it's all to help us with our learning! We do lots of singing, dancing, playing and creating. We have chance to work with our teachers and well as find out things on our own.


Meet the rest of the Reception team ...

                                                                            Meet the rest of the Reception team ... 1 Miss Maxine Besant - EYFS TA
                                                                            Meet the rest of the Reception team ... 2 Miss Lindsey Hawtin - EYFS TA

We're really lucky to have such a close friendly team in the Early Years. Feel free to come and chat to any of the Early Years team - we'd love to tell you how you're child is getting on in Reception.


Miss Duckers is your 'first point of contact', but Mrs Locke (Deputy Headteacher) is available as the EYFS Leader.

Important Information


Below there are some links to some useful information to help you and your child in Reception. You'll find letters, curriculum information and copies of our timetable. If there's any other information you'd like but can't find, please let me know smiley 

Why do you love me so much?




Themes incorporated within this topic include:

  • Me and My Family
  • People Who Love Me
  • My Body
  • Keeping Healthy
  • Love and Relationships
  • Care and Growing

This topic stimulates children’s curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about themselves and their relationships with others. They will learn…

  • about caring for themselves and others;
  • about emotions and feelings;
  • about their individual strengths including what makes them special and unique;
  • about the role of family and other carers;
  • about the changes to our bodies that take place as we grow;
  • about our senses and the way we use them to explore our environment.


Activities you can try at home:

-Look through the family photo album together, maybe organise a family get-together and take lots of new pictures.

-Make a family tree using photo graphs.  Lay them out on a big piece of paper, and explore how everyone is connected.

-Visit a friend or family member with a baby. Find out how they have to take care of it, and compare this with how you are taken care of. 

Take a look at the Reception learning environment!

Learning at Home:


Below are some links to different websites that may help you with your child's learning at home. Why not have a little look through together and find some games or activities to enjoy together!