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Sandcastles Nursery

Welcome to Sandcastles Nursery!

Miss Megan Somerfield 

Nursery Teacher

Hello! My name is Miss Somerfield and I am the Nursery teacher. I am looking forward to my second year here at Castlefort. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the year ahead and I cannot wait to share these experiences with the children. 


Please feel free to contact me with any queries about the provision or your child. 


Miss Somerfield is your 'first point of contact', but Mrs Locke (Deputy Headteacher) is available as EYFS Leader.

Meet the Sandcastles Nursery Team

Meet the Sandcastles  Nursery Team 1 Miss Lindsey Hawtin - EYFS Teaching Assistant
If you have any questions, queries or would just like to know how your child is getting on in nursery then please feel free to chat to a member of staff at the start or end of the day and they will be happy to discuss this with you. 

Important information


Below there are some links to some useful information to help you and your child in Nursery. You'll find letters, curriculum information and copies of our timetable. If there's any other information you'd like but can't find, please let me know.


Our topic this term is 

Why do you love me so much?

Themes incorporated within this topic include:

  • Me and My Family
  • People Who Love Me
  • My Body
  • Keeping Healthy
  • Love and Relationships
  • Care and Growing

This topic stimulates children’s curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about themselves and their relationships with others. They will learn…

  • about caring for themselves and others;
  • about emotions and feelings;
  • about their individual strengths including what makes them special and unique;
  • about the role of family and other carers;
  • about the changes to our bodies that take place as we grow;
  • about our senses and the way we use them to explore our environment.

Activities you can try at home together:

--Look through the family photo album together, maybe organise a family get-together and take lots of new pictures.

-Make a family tree using photo graphs.  Lay them out on a big piece of paper, and explore how everyone is connected.

-Visit a friend or family member with a baby. Find out how they have to take care of it, and compare this with how you are taken care of.


Our Nursery! 


Take a look at our Nursery, we have so many things to be getting busy with! We have so much fun making mud pies in the outdoor kitchen, building in the construction area and pretending to be pirates on our ship!


Outdoor Fun! 


We love outdoor learning here at Sandcastles Nursery! Take a look at the fun we have been having! 


Useful websites:


Counting, size and shape games -


Things to make and do! –


cbeebies - story time and songs -


Children’s digital Literacy -


Storybooks, games, activities and colouring –


Children can learn about letters, numbers, shapes, writing and words -


Children can learn the alphabet, phonics, pre-reading and reading skills



Extra Provision at Sandcastles Nursery!