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Welcome to Reception!



Miss Megan Somerfield 

Reception Teacher 


Hi, My name is Miss Somerfield and I am the Reception teacher! I love working in the foundation stage and have a great time in the Reception classroom. If you ever have a query or question feel free to pop in- my door is always open.


In the EYFS we love being creative, a little bit messy and a little bit noisy, but don't worry- it's all to help us with our learning! We do lots of singing, dancing, playing and creating. We have chance to work with our teachers and well as find out things on our own.


Meet the Team

Important Information


Below there are some links to some useful information to help you and your child in Reception. 


Home Learning 


Your child will be issued with a school reading book, this needs to be in school everyday. The reading books are changed every Monday and Thursday. Your child will also be given a library book on Friday, so that you have the weekend to share a story. Homework is also given out on Friday to be returned on Wednesday. Our PE day is Thursday - children will need to have their kit in school. 


If there's any other information you'd like but can't find, please let me know smiley 

Curriculum Overview

Reception Long Term Overview




Cornerstones is our thematic learning. Each term the children will learn all about a new exciting topic. Take a look at our next topic...



Can I Switch It On?


Recharge your batteries, plug in your brain power and switch on your senses; it’s time to tune in and turn on to technology.


This half term, we’ll make a Skype call to another school, harnessing the power of technology to ask and answer questions on screen. Throughout the project, we’ll use a wide variety of equipment. Digital cameras will help us to record the beauty of our local environment, computers and tablets will be used to record audio stories, and we’ll also use a keyboard, mouse and PC to write and draw. We’ll use a variety of software and explore paint packages to create Jackson Pollock-style pictures. Our programming skills will improve when we use commands to move robots around the floor, and we’ll use tablets to scan QR codes to inspire our building work. Using data loggers, we’ll also collect and monitor data, including noise and temperature, and compare technology from the past to the technology we have today.


At the end of the project, we’ll read storybooks that will help us to understand e-safety messages and remind us that it is sometimes important to switch off technology and have fun with our friends and families. We’ll also invite you to our ‘Terrific Technology Show’ to discuss our experiences and inventions.


Help your child prepare for their project


Technology is all around us. Why not have a technology hunt at home? Take pictures of electrical objects that entertain, help people to communicate, or help to save time, and share them at school. You could also visit a museum and look at a range of objects from the past. Alternatively, have a technology-free day. Switch off phones and TVs, leave computers unplugged and cook without a microwave. Will you survive?










Take a look at the Reception learning environment!

Learning at Home...


Below are some links to different websites that may help you with your child's learning at home. Why not have a little look through together and find some games or activities to enjoy together!