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Wednesday 4th December 2019


Walsall Primary Football (Girls) - Game 1


Castlefort 1 - 2 Pheasey Park Farm


(See Match Report below)


Thursday 21st November 2019


The Gentleman's League (Boys) - Game 2


Castlefort 4 - 1 Cooper & Jordan


(See Match Report below)


Thursday 16th October 2019


The Gentleman's League (Boys) - Game 1


Millfield 9 - 7 Castlefort 


(See Match Report below)


Thursday 10th October 2019


Shelfield Academy Yr.5/6 Football Tournament


Castlefort 0 - 1 Edgar Stammers

Castlefort 4 - 1 Rushall


(See Tournament Report below)


Wednesday 3rd July 2019


Walsall Football Club - KS2 Girls Football Festival


St Giles 0 - 6 Castlefort

Castlefort 1 - 1 Landywood

Meadow View 0 - 1 Castlefort 

Castlefort 1 - 1 Pelsall Village


(See Festival Report below)


Monday 1st July 2019


Shire Oak Academy Partnership Sports Evening 2019


Children attended: 

Year 5 - Leigha, Evie, Kyriea, Katie, Courtney, Maisie, Mia, Jessica, Noah, Dylan, Myles, Timothy, Ben, Ronny, Jenson, Leon.

Year 6 - Harvey-Lee, Drew, Ashton D, Ashton Y, Kobi, Aurelia, Sophie.


Well done to all who attended this event. We managed to gain 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 7 bronze medals across the track and field events. 


Final standings:

1st - St Michaels

2nd - Ryders Hayes

3rd - Leighswood


Castlefort finished in 6th position from 8 schools.


(See Event Report below)


Friday 28th June 2019


Black Country School Games Final - Tri-golf Year 3/4


Children attended: Darren, Oliver, Kieran, Troy, Freddie, Lilli-Mae, Poppy, Lexie, Ruby, Isabelle


A team of 10 year 4 children were fortunate enough to be selected to attend the Black Country School Games Final for tri-golf. With limited experience of tri-golf for some of the team I am told by Mr Butler that we did extremely well. We are all super proud of this team for their efforts. Well done!


Wednesday 26th June 2019


Walsall Football Club - Year 5/6 Inclusion Football Festival


Castlefort 4 - 0 Busill Jones

Landywood 0 - 2 Castlefort

Castlefort 0 - 1 St Giles

Meadow View 0 - 6 Castlefort


(See Festival Report below)


Thursday 28th March 2019


Year 5 Change 4 Life Dodgeball Competition - Shelfield Academy


Children attended: Leon, Ashley, Jenson, Aden, Evie and Courtney.


A team of 6 Year 5 children competed against 4 other schools (Goldsmith, Blue Coat, Little Bloxwich and Walsall Wood) at this competition. Castlefort finished the competition in third place behind Goldsmith and Walsall Wood. Well done to those who took part.


Thursday 14th March 2019


Castlefort 0 - 5 St James Girls (League Match)


(See Match Report below)


Wednesday 13th March 2019


Walsall Football Club - Year 5/6 Football Festival 2019


Castlefort 2 - 0 Goldsmith

Pelsall 0 - 3 Castlefort

Castlefort 3 - 0 St Giles

Busill Jones 2 - 1 Castlefort

Castlefort 3 - 0 Park Hall

Ridgeway 0 - 0 Castlefort

Castlefort 1 - 0 Rushall

St Thomas of Canterbury 0 - 2 Castlefort


(See Festival Report below)


Thursday 28th February 2019


Brownhills West 4 - 1 Castlefort Girls (League Match)


(See Match Report below)

Good to be Green Reward Day 15/02/19 - Soccer Tots / Handball

Thursday 14th February 2019


Castlefort 0 - 3 Pheasey Park Farm Girls (League Match)

(See Match Report below)


Thursday 24th January 2019


Shelfield Basketball Competition Year 5/6


Children attended:

Kyriea, Jenson, Ashley, Mia, Leon, Kobi, Eiros, Betsy, Ashton Y, Ashton D, Drew, Harvey-Lee.


We entered 2 mixed teams into the above competition with 6 players on each team. There were 6 teams in attendance from 4 schools (Blue Coat, All Saints, Little Bloxwich and Castlefort). Both teams enjoyed the event with baskets scored by Drew (4) and Ashton Y (2). Well done Castlefort!


Wednesday 23rd January 2019


Walsall Football Club - Kids Cup 2018/2019 Local Finals



Castlefort 0 - 3 St Thomas of Canterbury


3rd/4th Place Match

Castlefort 4 - 4 Blue Coat

Blue Coat win on penalties


(See tournament report below)


Wednesday 28th November 2018


Walsall Football Club - Kids Cup 2018/2019


Group Stage

Castlefort 3 - 1 Bentley West

Whetstone Field 0 - 5 Castlefort

Castlefort 3 - 0 County Bridge

Christ Church 0 - 0 Castlefort



Castlefort 4 - 1 Bloxwich


Local area final to be played in January 2019

(See tournament report below)




Wednesday 7th November 2018


Shelfield Academy Yr.5/6 Central Venue Football


Castlefort 1 - 2 Walsall Wood

Castlefort 0 - 0 Blue Coat

Castlefort 3 - 0 Rushall

Castlefort 0 - 0 St James


(See Tournament Report below)


Wednesday 28th March 2018


Punctuality Reward Day - Spring 2



Children throughout Reception - Year 6 who arrived at school at the correct time each day were treated with a Tri-Golf event ran by Progressive Sports. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Punctuality Reward Day - Spring 2 28/03/18

Sport Relief Week 2018

Monday 19th - Friday 23rd March 2018



As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, raise cash and change lives. The money raised by the public is spent by Comic Relief to support some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the UK and around the world.


During this week in school we had planned for several events to take place. These included:


  • Additional sports equipment on the playgrounds at lunch time all week with games being led by our Year 6 children.
  • Sport Relief wristbands on sale all week.
  • A healthy tuck shop ran from Tuesday till Thursday at break times. 
  • A ‘Healthy Schools day’ on Wednesday for children in Year 1 – Year 6. 
  • On Friday we challenged our children to learn a Sport Relief dance in Early Years and Key Stage 1 and for Key Stage 2 they were completing circuits on the outdoor gym.
  • Friday was also our wear red event where children were encouraged to wear something red for Sport Relief and pay £1 towards the charity.


All money raised throughout the week will go directly to Sport Relief. 



Sport Relief KS2 Gym Sessions 23/03/18

Clubs at Castlefort JMI School

Local Leisure Facilities - Oak Park Active Living Centre

Community Sport in Walsall