Castlefort Junior Mixed and Infant School

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Star Learners

Here at Castlefort, we like to recognise and reward children who consistently demonstrate positive attitudes to learning in school. Children in EYFS aim to become ‘Little Learners’, in KS1, ‘Learning Champions’ and in KS2, ‘Learning Ambassadors’.

Attitudes to Learning


We encourage our pupils to develop ‘good learning habits’. Using a traffic-light system, pupils gain recognition for demonstrating positive attitudes to learning. They have to show that these attitudes are consistent and not just a ‘one off’! Once a pupil has demonstrated all attributes, on at least 5 separate occasions, they are awarded their ‘badge of honour’ in a very special assembly to which parents/carers are invited. Our accredited Little Learners/Learning Champions/Learning Ambassadors are also taken out to lunch to celebrate!

What do you need to do to prove that you are a ‘good learner’?


(Early Years: Nursery and Reception)


I always try my very best.

I stick at my activities even when they are tricky.

I show good sitting and good listening.

I enjoy talking and sharing my ideas.

I am kind and thoughtful.



Key Stage 1: Years 1 and 2


I am proud of being a pupil at Castlefort JMI School and always look smart in my school uniform.

I always try my best and keep trying even when things are tricky.

I put my hand up to share my ideas and answer questions.

I show good sitting on the carpet and at my table all of the time.

I bring my reading book, diary and PE kit in every day.

I love to learn new things.

I hand my homework in on the right day.

I enjoy a challenge and ask for extra practice.

I work well as part of a team, listen and contribute towards an activity.

I am kind and thoughtful towards other children and adults.



Key Stage 2: Years 3 to 6


I am proud of being a pupil at Castlefort JMI School and always look smart in my school uniform.

I enjoy challenges and I never ‘give up’.

I answer and ask questions during lessons.

I am always well prepared and have the right equipment for learning in school e.g. PE kit, reading book/diary, pencil case etc.

I consistently produce high quality work which my teacher and I are proud of.

I am enthusiastic about learning and I want to do well.

I always complete home learning tasks and hand them in on time.

I am happy to ‘go that extra mile’ and complete extra challenges during lessons.

I sit up well and show that I am ‘ready to learn’ during lessons.

I often use phrases like ‘I can’ or ‘I will try my best to...’

I help other children both in my class and around the school.

I regularly attend after school clubs and collect hours for my Children’s University passport.