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Sandcastles Nursery

Welcome to Sandcastles Nursery!

Miss Megan Somerfield 

Nursery Teacher

Hello! My name is Miss Somerfield and I am the Nursery teacher. This is my third year here at Castlefort school. Being your child’s first teacher is a big responsibility and I feel very proud that I can be part of this big step for you and your child. I do my very best to ensure that the children are safe, cared for and happy. I want them to love school and I strive to make our classroom a place of laughter and learning!


In the EYFS we love being creative, a little bit messy and a little bit noisy, but don't worry- it's all to help us with our learning! We do lots of singing, dancing, playing and creating. Children have the chance to work with their teachers and well as find out things on their own. I have lots of exciting activities planned for the busy year ahead, and cannot wait to share these experiences with the children.


We really value your support and the role you play in your child’s education, so if you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to come in and see any of us.


Miss Somerfield is your 'first point of contact', but Mrs Locke (Deputy Headteacher) is available as the EYFS Leader.





Meet the Sandcastles Nursery team

We're really lucky to have such a supportive, friendly team in the Early Years. This year we have two wonderful Teaching Assistants who be supporting the children throughout the year. Our morning Nursery class will be supported by Mrs Woodall-Williams, and our afternoon Nursery class will be supported by Miss Hawtin.




Important information

Below there are some links to some useful information to help you and your child in Nursery. You'll find letters, curriculum information and copies of our timetable. If there's any other information you'd like but can't find, please let me know.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum information


All of the work we do in Nursery goes towards developing your child in the 7 key areas of learning; Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts and Design.


All of our work in these areas will be documented by photographs, mark making, artwork and other pieces of evidence in Learning Journeys. Your child will work in groups each day completing guided maths and writing activities, as well as a daily Letters and Sounds or RWI (phonics) session to develop their reading and listening skills. These activities will develop key skills for your child, as well as being fun and interesting to engage them with their learning.


We also follow the ‘Cornerstones’ curriculum, which is a thematic approach to delivering aspects of the curriculum. We have a different topic each half-term, and provide lots of stimulating activities for your child to chose and explore based around this topic. 



Our topic this term is 

Why do you love me so much?



What is special about me? How do we show that we care? Explore these questions and more in this project about love, families and how people are the same and different.


Themes incorporated within this topic include:

  • Family/home
  • Babies/growth
  • Love
  • What makes us special
  • Friendship
  • Ourselves



Our Nursery

Take a look at our Nursery learning environment, we have so many things to be getting busy with! 


Useful websites:


Counting, size and shape games -


Things to make and do! –


cbeebies - story time and songs -


Children’s digital Literacy -


Storybooks, games, activities and colouring –


Children can learn about letters, numbers, shapes, writing and words -


Children can learn the alphabet, phonics, pre-reading and reading skills



Extra Provision at Sandcastles Nursery!



Our 26 places are prioritised in the following order: 30 hour children, 15 hour children and then if there is additional spaces we may be able to provide extra provision at the costs above.