Castlefort Junior Mixed and Infant School

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Curriculum Enrichment

Curriculum Enrichment


The curriculum is enriched in a wide range of ways. Parents/carers are invited to celebrate the learning and achievement of their children through ‘Inspire Workshops’ One parent commented that the school was working very hard to involve parents in their children’s learning, providing a number of opportunities to see how the children learn through a number of workshops that take place during the school day (Basic Skills Quality Mark).


Outdoor learning opportunities are accessed by all pupils and involve using our ‘Forest Cabin’ and woodland area. The whole learning environment, including the outdoor learning area are all encompassing and central to the ethos of the school (Basic Skills Quality Mark). 


Educational visits are planned for all year groups – these support and enhance the topics being studied. Where possible, topics are linked to the local (and slightly wider) area to make learning relevant and to help pupils develop a sense of understanding of and belonging to their local community.


‘Blocked’ weeks throughout the school year provide focused learning about poetry and classic fiction – poets/poems and classical authors/texts have been specially selected to ensure breadth of learning and progression across the school.


The school also organises ‘special days’ where pupils take part in a range of learning activities within mixed age groups – namely, art and design projects, modern foreign language activity carousels (language and culture) and healthy lifestyles.


Further plans for curriculum enrichment next year (2023-2024) include a 3-day 'country' study for each year group in school.


Extra-curricular activities are offered to all pupils across the school. These are reviewed each term to ensure a good range.


All pupils are provided with educational experiences both on and off the school site that are fulfilling and challenging so that every pupil can reach their full potential with enthusiasm and confidence. This was demonstrated by the whole school visit to the theatre in London to see the Lion King and the associated work that this generated (Basic Skills Quality Mark).