Castlefort Junior Mixed and Infant School

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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Mrs Stacey Duckworth

Year 5 Teacher


We are extremely lucky and fortunate to be joined by Mr Forbes, Mrs Walker, Mrs Pratt and Miss Martin in our class. 


Please find our Autumn Letter here:


English Texts


Current Learning:


During the first week of term, Year 5 have enjoyed settling in and getting used to life in the Year 5 classroom. They have produced some amazing work and should be very proud of themselves.


Currently in Year 5, Mrs Duckworth's group are exploring 'Secret's of a Sun King' and it is written by Emma Carroll. This text lends itself extremely well to our first topic in the Autumn Term, which is 'Pharaohs'. The children encounter a girl called Lil. Lil finds a mysterious package on her grandad's doorstep, just as he's struck down with a terrible illness. The parcel was sent by a famous Egytologist who has just been found dead! Is the curse of Tutankhamun the cause? Lil decides, with the help of her new friends, Tulip and Oz, that the only way to help her grandad is to return the package to its rightful resting place in Egypt.


Currently, Year 5 are investigating explanation texts - we are writing an explanation text explaining the stages of  mummification. The children have really enjoyed exploring the features of explanation texts. We move onto non - chronological reports and newspaper reports in the final weeks of the topic.


Future Learning:


Across the year, we study the following variety of exciting texts:


  • Secrets of a Sun King - Emma Carroll
  • Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx 
  • Journey to the River Sea - Eva Ibbotson
  • The Great Kapok Tree
  • Traditional Stories from the Amazon
  • Stormbreaker - Anthony Horowitz
  • Treason - Berlie Doherty




History and Geography Topics


Our current topic is 'Pharaohs'. So far, the children have loved learning about Ancient Egypt, explaining how Egypt fits into the wider geographical location and researching the largest and hottest desert in Egypt. We will then move onto why the River Nile was so important, researching gods and goddesses and finally finishing off with an essay on 'The legacy of Ancient Egypt'. 


Along with Pharaohs, please have a look at our five other topics that follow Pharaohs below:


Autumn 1Pharaohs
Autumn 2Amazon Rainforest
Spring 1Off With her Head (Tudors)
Spring 2The Journey of a River
Summer 1Where we live in Walsall Wood
Summer 2Coastlines


Please have a look at our Big Picture Maps to see what your children will be learning in lesson time below:








Science Topics


  • Feel the Force
  • Marvellous Mixtures
  • Circle of Life
  • Get sorted Everyday materials
  • Reproduction in Plants and Animals
  • The Earth and Beyond




Children in Year 5 will be required to complete the following homework tasks each week: 


  • Home reading - We would like the children to read at least 4 times each week at home and record entries into their individual reading records. Children will also be able to share their thoughts on texts they have read verbally in class.


  • Spellings - The children will be set a new spelling list in our spelling lesson every Wednesday, ready for their test the following week. We would like the children to practise their spellings in their spelling books and to complete 10 weekly games on Spelling Shed.



  • TT Rock Stars - The class will be set Garage games on TT Rock Stars each week to be completed by the following Friday. 



  • Doodle Maths - We would also like our children to complete their weekly Doodle Maths by achieving their target stars.




Classroom Pictures



Useful Websites:


Spelling Shed


Doodle Maths


Times Table Rockstars:


Hit the button - a super fun, quick fire game to help learn times tables:


Nrich maths - a variety of challenging maths problems to encourage mastery level thinking:


Letterjoin - to improve handwriting


Growth Mindset: